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Falcon Breeding Centre

Falcon Breeding Centre - Brecon, Wales

In the first of its kind to be located in Wales, the new facility developed by businessman Mohammed Hillal Bin Tarraf, the owner of the Nad Al Shiba Avian Reproduction Research Centre in Dubai will be used for the breeding of high quality captive falcons.

With falconry a cultural tradition in the Middle East, Mr Hillal has flown falcons since he was a young boy and aims to breed them near his home in the Brecon area so that he can be with them whilst visiting in the summer months each year for personal recreation and enjoyment.

The centre features three purpose-built buildings. The first, designed as a clean environment will be used to house the pairs of breeding falcons, with the further buildings designated as quail breading and rearing facilities. Environmental control of the buildings is crucial to the well-being and successful development of birds and breeding programs.

Palcon Energy Services Ltd provided the new Trend IQ4 based building management system to control the many systems fitted, including the dedicated air handling units serving the falcon breeding chambers each of which is installed with DX condensing units requiring detailed integration into the control software to ensure correct and efficient operation.

Heating and fabric protection of the premises, crucial for the cold winter seasons typical of the area, is provided by means of a conventional gas to radiator heating system together with interfaces to the numerous Mitsubishi Electric DX split systems serving the incubation, hatchery, rearing and food store rooms, all controlled and monitored via the purpose designed Trend system.

The facility is fitted with a Trend 963 Server to provide the onsite management team access and ability to monitor and control the environmental and critical systems fitted.

Contract Details

Market Sector:- Commerical
Client:- Dodd Group
Contract Type:- New Build
Contract Value:- £60k
Completed:- October 2017


• First of its kind in Wales
• Clean rooms housing breeding pairs of falcons
• Quail breading and rearing facilities

System Details

• Core system based on Trend IQ4e Range
• Integrated with Mitsubishi Electric DX Systems
• Monitored by 963 Supervisor

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