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Tailored solutions to meet your requirements

Control Panel Design

Motor Control Panels (MCP's) come in all shapes and sizes, from Form 1 to multi-section Form 4 panels, to local Control Enclosures and Interface Panels, Palcon Energy Services Ltd have a proven track record of designing panels matched exactly to the requirements of the project and client. Our design engineers take methodical approches to panel component layout resulting in easier servicing and any future expansion.

We pride ourselves of producing panels manufactured to the highest standards and to the latest electrical regulations with all panels undergoing a full functional test prior to delivery, including a documented test report / certificate. We also welcome off-site inspections and witness testing by the clients, end-users or consultants.


Palcon Energy Services Ltd offer first class electrical installation services using only qualified installers who have been specifically trained and are experienced with the installation of Building Management Systems and their associated services. We ensure that the criteria for all the latest electrical regulations are satisfied and regularly inspect and audit our installation works ensuring the client receives a first class system.

As part of our project management committment, we ensure that all apsects of any installation are co-ordinated by the project manager to ensure that the requirements of the project are met and key target dates not missed at any stage.

Conditional Surveys

Understanding when its time to look at modernizing or upgrading your systems can at time be difficult and requires extensive workable knowlegde of numerous plant systems and services.

Our engineers have vast experience, coming from varied backgrounds and understand the importance of maximizing the lifecycle of Building Management installations. With a varied array of products and solutions to choose from, Palcon Energy Services Ltd are able to offer the best fit for your system using the latest approches in integrated services meaning pur clients are not always faced with a singluar option of total refursbishment.