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The users portal to any system


Centralised computer management of a Building Management System is the end-users portal to the system. We recognise that a poorly design supervisory system will reflect poorly on the system as a whole no matter how well it is designed or performs.

With more and more manufactures developing systems using web-based technologies, and building managers and operatives becoming ever reliant on mobile devices and tablets to keep track of their systems, graphical interfaces must be clear, concise and intuitive as well as ensuring a productive user experience.

At Palcon Energy Services Ltd, we take pride in presenting this information in the best means possible. We've taken time building and developing an extensive library of plant and system graphics to represent any number of system schematics in the clearest possible way that we believe are rarely matched.

We take that time to listen to the requirements of our clients before producing a system thats tailored to match their specific needs and requirements.

Why not take a look at our new live iQVision Demo.

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