Why Building Management Systems (BMS)?

Just what is a BMS System?

A building management system (BMS), or sometimes referred to building energy management system (BEMS), is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building's mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems.

There are a number of economic and environmental reasons why building owners may consider installing an intelligent Bulding Management Systems (BMS). The ability to gather data across a whole building, measure energy use and automate systems accordingly results in a number of benefits, including:

Saving Energy

Emissions from buildings currently account for 36% of total UK greenhouse gas emissions, but the governmental advisory body the Committee on Climate Change predicts that there is scope for reductions of 74% in this area by 2030. Lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contribute up to 70% of energy used in buildings, in addition to the electricity needed to power lifts, machinery, computers, security controls and so on. An intelligent BMS system can reduce this energy load significantly. For example, lighting traditionally controlled zonally or by timers, can instead be activated automatically by occupancy sensor(s) or lux level monitoring, so it should only be on when actually needed. Infra-red occupancy sensors can also be used to control heating and cooling systems.

Reducing Costs

In recent years, greater attention has been given to the whole-life cost rather than simply the capital cost of buildings. With the growth of energy-saving technologies, energy is the largest controllable operating expense in a building. An intelligent BMS system enables energy costs to be captured, monitored and controlled more closely. Emerging technologies allow this harvested data to be shared amongst systems and collegues making for more sustainable environments.


The power grid varies in continuity and quality depending on geographical location. With businesses increasingly reliant on IT and digital communication, an uninterrupted energy supply is vital. An intelligent BMS system allows for close monitoring of critical power and environmental systems in order to ensure that no variation in supply, adversely effects your business.


An intelligent BMS system enables safety features such as fire doors, smoke extraction fans, supply fans and dampers to be controlled and driven to a “safe” position or state when an emergency occurs.

Improving Value

BMS systems can help building owners to raise the value of their assets by reducing operational costs and providing a higher level of comfort for occupants.
System design and project management are important if there is to be successful implementation for a project. Palcon Energy Services Ltd have proven engineering skills inhouse, including electrical and mechanical disciplines, IT, integration and controls engineering. We are familiar with working with professional consulting engineers when preparing all critical information in terms of specifications, plans and designs.