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Greenwood Academy School

Greenwood Academy School - Birmingham

Opened to students in the summer of 2017, Greenwood Academy School located in Castle Vale is an entirely new build school in Birmingham with a focus on performing arts, funded by the governments Education Funding Agency and formed part of the £138m Midlands PF2 initiative.

The school design follows the same principles as the other school's part of the initiative, being a superblock with teaching spaces wrapped around central dining area, together with performance and hall spaces. An integrated ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) unit will feature at the heart of the school along with a separate community sports hall and associated changing rooms.

In partnership with Dodds Group, and working with Carillion, Palcon Energy Services Ltd proudly paid their part the delivery of the project with the design and installation of the Trend based building management system.

Developing on engineering solutions specifically selected and advanced by Palcon Energy Services Ltd to serve the schools forming the Midlands PF2 initiative, the design incorporated a central heating plant systems and domestic hot water services controlled from a purpose building 'energy centre'. Ventilation to key areas of the building including the Kitchen, Main Hall and Dance Studio was provided by packaged VES air handling units and successfully integrated into the system using BACnet/IP offering virtual transparent connectivity.

Individual classrooms featured SyxthSense SRC Modbus room controllers providing temperature and Co2 control of the Nuaire MVHR heat recovery units fitted in each all the while providing staff with traffic light indication of Co2 levels in the space. A network of Synapsys SIP devices provided connectivity and visibility of the operational performance for each classroom back to a centralised Trend 963 Supervisor, providing the onsite facilities team with instant information about the system.

A detailed energy monitoring network featuring Synapsys SIPe devices SIPeVision software connected to gas, water, heat and electrical (via Modbus) utility meters, provides the school with real time usage and costs including historical data.

Contract Details

Market Sector:- Academic
Client:- Dodd Group
Contract Type:- New Build
Contract Value:- £175k
Completed:- July 2017


• Part of £138m Midlands PF2 Programme
• Community facilities including sports hall
• Integrated ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) unit

System Details

• Core system based on Trend IQ4e Range
• BACnet Integration with VES AHU's
• Bespoke classroom control solution featuring Syxthsense Modbus controllers
• Energy Monitoring via Synapsys SIPe and Vision software
• Monitored by 963 Supervisor

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