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Are you in control of your BEMS?


The management and control of modern buildings has grown ever more sophisticated and all Building Management Systems (BMS) needs to be tailored to suit the customers specific requirements. The installation of Building Management Systems have proven track records in being a cost effective way for users to cut their energy consumption, typically making savings of more than 25%. With Palcon you can significantly reduce the energy consummed within your building, using an asset you probably already own.

Palcon Energy Services Ltd believe it is vital to consider both the immediate and long term needs of our clients. Utilizing systems that are highly reliable, easy-to-use and future proof, all factors that help reduce whole life system costs. We can provide onsite surveys and energy audits to help you increase your carbon reduction, along with remote monitoring and smart metering solutions to help you meet you emissions targets.

Smart Metering

In order to get to where you're going, you must first establish where you're coming from. Implementing a targeted energy reduction and management programme is no different, and it's essential to know not just how much energy your using, but where and why as well. Real time energy metering and collection are just the starting point and what you do with this information is key to developing a successful regime.

At Palcon Energy Services Ltd, we can help you interpret what to do with your collected data and how best to make this essential information benefit you most in helping to reduce your carbon footprint. The information harvested along with data from conventional meters, can be processed further by dedicated Energy AM&T (automatic monitoring and targeting) Systems to provide you real time and historical costs, or simply displayed on large display screens for educational use.

We aim to put our customers in complete control of their energy usage whether using a stand alone Metering solutions, or one integrated into your existing Building Management System.

Energy Audits

Understanding your environment is key to knowing where you can save energy. By using a dedicated associate energy efficiency consultant, Palcon Energy Services Ltd can help you examine all aspects of your building, from the materials used in its construction, plant equipment, lighting etc. as well as the energy being used.

We can assist is reviewing the detailed report and ascertain where oportunities for saving energy exist as well as potential enhancements to your systems to help reduce life-cycle costs. The results could be simple immediate solutions such as setting your heating temperatures lower or turning your mechanical plant off earlier, through to more complex engineered solutions like 'soft starting' pumps and fan motors, integrating vsrious services or changing and upgrading to more efficient components.

What ever the outcome we're here to help and assist in achieving your targets.

  • As much as 85% of your buildings energy consumption could be under the control of a Building Management System (BEMS).
  • Knowing the make up of your building and the systems in control, is the first step in understanding what efficiencies can be gained.
  • Understanding both where your energy is being used and how much, are key to unlocking potential savings.
  • Energy AM&T (automatic monitoring and targeting) Systems can provide you with real time and historical costs.